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Safilo Champs High Absorbent Diaper Pants, Large 9-14 kg

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Safilo Champs High Absorbent Diaper Pants, Baby Diapers

Safilo Champs High Absorbent Diaper Pants Four Layer protection and trusted Leak Lock system provide reliable, long-lasting leakage protection for up to 12 hours, letting you spend more uninterrupted quality time with baby.

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Baby's Skin are like feather, soft and sensitive. It requires special care. Champs Pant Diapers are specially designed to provide care for your baby's growth. Champs High Absorbent Pant, keeps your baby feel dry and make him/her comfortable, so that your child can spend more of its time in learning new activities. Champs High Absorbent Pant are specially designed to make your baby feel comfortable, so that they can play and learn new things. It is made up of cotton like material. This Pants are easy to wear and handle. It provides anti-rash and anti-bacterial shield extract with aloe-vera and neem lotion along with the fragrance.

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It's breathable material keeps the baby fresh and comfortable

Soft leg gathers - Fits comfortably and prevents leakage

Skin Friendly Natural Soft Material

These diaper pants remain dry for a long time, so that you do not have to change the diaper frequently through the night.

Your baby will laugh and play in comfort wearing the diaper pants.


Brand Safilo
Model Name Safilo Champs High Absorbent Diaper Pants
Size Large
Type Diapers
Ideal For Kids
Compatible Baby Weight 9-14 kg
Series Premium
Quantity 4pcs / 10pcs

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For replacement and exchange issue please go through our return policy.

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