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Sago / Sabudana, Big

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Small Sago / Sabudana
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Sago / Sabudana, Loose Packing
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Sago or sabudana is a food which is full of energy and carbohydrates. It is removed from the center of sago palm stems. It is low in fat but also low in protein. Sabudana is nearly pure carbohydrate and has very little protein, vitamins and minerals. it contains a good amount of potassium that helps to keep your BP in check. It promotes healthy blood flow and lowers the strain on your heart. It is also low in cholesterol and hence can be eaten guilt-free.

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Sabudana is full of starch and is great for a quick boost of energy, and hence often served in India for breaking fasts during religious festivals. Sago and rice also have a cooling effect on the system, hence it is recommended if you have excess bile caused by excess body heat.



Brand Sago
Type Sabudana
Quantity 250g / 500g / 1 kg
Organic No
Maximum Shelf Life 3 Months
Is Perishable No

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For replacement and exchange issue please go through our return policy.

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