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Poultry Eggs , Chicken, Non Veg , Artui

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Poultry Eggs , Chicken, Non Veg
Poultry Eggs , Chicken, Non Veg

Eggs are one of the common food items in most of the households. From breakfast to dinner, eggs are indulged in various ways. Poached, boiled, fried; we all have our own favourite choices. Not only are they delicious, but they are also crammed with health benefits. It is one of the most in-expensive sources of high protein. These are one of nature's most wholesome and cost-effective foods. An egg can give you a health kick in no time at all! It is the ideal ingredient to add to your child's breakfast for growth and development.

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Eggs are Nutrient Rich. These are high in Quality Protein. It raise levels of Good Cholesterol. Good source of Omega-3s. It help with weight loss. Among the best dietary sources of Choline.


Brand Egg
Item Name Poultry Eggs (Chicken)
Specialty No Artificial Flavour
Ingredient Type Non-Veg
Supplier Local
Shipping: 1 day



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