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Lolit Pear Sapling / Lolit Naspati Chara

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The pear, Pyrus communis, is a perennial deciduous tree in the family Rosaceae, grown for its fruit. The tree is a short deciduous tree with a tall and narrow crown and alternately arranged, simple leaves. The tree produces white flowers which are 2.5 cm (1 in) in diameter and a fleshy green pyriform fruit.

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Pears are fruits produced and consumed around the world, growing on a tree and harvested in late Summer into October. The pear tree and shrub are a species of genus Pyrus , in the family Rosaceae, bearing the pomaceous fruit of the same name. Several species of pears are valued for their edible fruit and juices, while others are cultivated as trees.

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The Lolit Pear is a cooking or culinary pear which is oval and irregular in shape. Individual fruits can be up to 78mm (3″) wide and 85mm long, weighing as much as 260g. They have red colour with russet freckles and small areas of rough skin.


Brand Lolit Pear
Model Lolit Nashpati
Quantity 1Pc
Type Sapling


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