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Fresh Mari Gold Original Flower Plant

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The Fresh marigold is a hardy annual, grows to about 30 cm tall, forming a bushy plant.

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The Fresh marigold is a hardy annual, grows to about 30 cm tall, forming a bushy plant. Foliage is dark green with reddish stem. Leaves are pinnately divided and leaflets are linear, lanceolate and serrated. Flowers are small, either single or double borne on proportionately long peduncles.

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Can be planted directly outdoors after there is no danger of frost. Marigolds grow best if planted in full sun and can be planted in sandy, clay or loamy soil, although they thrive in a moist, but well-drained, loam.

Young marigolds can be ravaged by earwigs, slugs and snails. Marigolds are susceptible to common disease problems such as fungal stem and root rots.

To treat these pests, be sure to use an insecticide designed to tackle the specific problem.

Spider mites can affect marigolds during hot dry weather, and plants can also be attacked by spit bugs and locusts, with harmful consequences.

Live plant with pot.


Brand Mari Gold
Model Name Mari Gold Flower Plant
Colour Orange & Yellow
Type Flower
Life Cycle Annual
Plant Name Mari Gold Plant
Suitable Location Indoor & Outdoor

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