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Live Angle White Fish

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Angelfishes are native to the freshwaters of tropical South America and may grow to a length of about 15 cm (6 inches). They are commonly silvery with vertical dark markings but may be solid or partially black. They are carnivorous and take care of their eggs and young.

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On average, well-cared for angelfish will reach about six inches tall upon adulthood, which is about a year and a half old. If they're housed in very large tanks and are not overcrowded, they can reach nearly 10 inches, although this would be quite rare in captivity.


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Freshwater Angelfish Are Members of the Cichlid Family.

Angelfish Are Omnivores.

Angelfish Can Grow to Nearly Ten Inches.

They Are Best Kept With Their Own Kind.

Angelfish Aquariums Require Specific Conditions.

Angelfish Are Prone to Ich.

Angelfish Lay Eggs in Egg Layers.

Female and Male Angelfish Look the Same.








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