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Stayfree Secure XL-Ultra Thin Dry Cover With Wings, Sanitary Pads, 6 Pads

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For a superior dry feeling with better coverage than regular pads, choose Stayfree secure xl ultra thin. The pad is flexible, ultra-thin, extra large and fits your body, so you can stay secure and keep moving. Unlike thick pads, Stayfree secure xl ultra-thin fits the curves of your body and helps you move freely even on your period days.

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Stayfree Secure XL Ultra Thin, get a superior dry feel and better coverage as compared to regular pads. The Stayfree Secure Ultra-Thin pad is flexible, and fits your body perfectly, so you can stay secure without worrying about leakages. Unlike thick pads, the Stayfree ultra-thin pad has a comfortable design that helps you move freely without discomfort. Along with a smart design, Stayfree Secure XL also comes in a size that can absorb wetness and keep you dry for a longer time. A product like STAYFREE Secure Ultra-Thin XL is an all-in-one solution for your period woes. Now get through your menstrual cycle without worrying about finding the perfect sanitary pad.

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Half as thin as a regular napkin with up to 100 percent fluid lock. Usage Type: Disposable

Made for regular to heavy periods

Dry cover gives you a superior dry feel

Gel lock technology that converts heavy flow into gel and locks it in

How to Use:-

Peel off the release paper from the back of the pad.

Stick the pad on your panty and press firmly.

Peel off the release paper from the wings.

Fold the wings around the sides of your panty, and press them firmly against the back.


Brand Stayfree
Model name Stayfree Secure Ultra Thin Xl Dry Cover With Wings
Type Sanitary Pad
Size Extra Large / XL
Usage Type Disposable
Wings Yes
Top Cover Dry Cover
Available 6 Pads

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For replacement and exchange issue please go through our return policy.

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